Our Block Overview Dashboard contains all the detail you need to manage your group;

Account Information:
Names and contact details of the Hotel Staff working on this Block & and the Customer.

Square widgets:
Quickly view progress details;

  1. Total Block value and total pickupĀ 
  2. Upsell from extended stays
  3. Total Attrition
  4. Countdown timer to Cut Off Date
  5. Countdown timer to Date of Event

Pickup Graphs
At a glance see the volume and value of reservations made on each day to help you manage attrition.

Revenue / Spend Reports
Gain complete visibility into the revenue or spend (if you're an event planner) of your block. View by room type or by time segment.

Release Rules
See all your release rules on the dashboard so you can easily manage room attrition as they fall due.

Booking Pace Graph
Helps you understand the blocks pickup over time which helps you communicate more effectively with your customers.

Logos & Attachments
Upload event logos to present to each customised event reservation website.

Upload documents, questionnaires, invoices or any communication you wish to share with your customers.


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